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late 1930's green haegger vase , Pair of Antique Moriyama Mori Machi Porcelain Candlestick Holders c Late 1920's, Late 18th Century Possibly Earlier Chinese Rice Bowl 19, SUPERB HAND PAINTED DERBY CHELSEA BLOOR BLUE GROUND PLATTER c.LATE 1700'S , antique C T ALTWASSER coffee tea pot LATE 1800s SILESIA white floral Gustavian, HUGE mid late 1800s ASHWORTH ENGLISH IRONSTONE CHINA WELL & TREE PLATTER, 2 Oriental Plates China Garden Pattern Takahashi Imports Late 20th C, Antique Late 18th Centry Porcelain English Baroque Water Pitcher Jug, Late 1800s Desden T.G. & F.B. Blue & White Plate, English Registry Diamond, Royal Beehive Vienna Demitasse Miniature Cup & Saucer Late 1800's EXQUISITE MINT, LATE 1800s CHIC STORE PREMIUM FRUIT PLATE SHABBY WOW, VINTAGE YELLOW WARE CIRCA LATE 1800's LARGE 11 1 2 BATTER BOWL WITH SPOUT, Derby Cup And Saucer Late 18th Early 19th Century, ROYAL DUX DUCK PLANTER LATE 19TH CENTURY EARLY 20TH CENTURY CZECH, Antique Pansy Bouquet Porcelain Salad Bowl 10 in Owen Minerva Late Victorian VG, Staffordshire creamware tankard , flower sprays, mask on handle, late 18th cent, ANTIQUE FISCHER J. BUDAPEST RETICULATED HANDLED VASE. LATE 19TH CENTURY. , ENGLISH MEDIEVAL FLOOR TILE FRAGMENT LATE 13TH CENTURY EARLY 14TH CENTURY, LATE 19th CENTURY ENGLISH HAND PAINTED BUTTERFLY CABINET PLATE, late 1800's early 1900's Austria Amphora Vase, SUPERB late 1800s ENGLISH PORCELAIN HAND PAINTED BIRD & BUTTERFLY DESIGN VASE, Antique Sherwood Brothers Ceramic Jug Late 1800'S Early 1900'S, ANTIQUE LATE 1800S HAND PAINTED PORCELAIN ZODIAC FIGURINES KPM? LEON SAISON?, MUST SEE mid late 1800s IMARI PATTERN DRAGON PORCELAIN PUNCH BOWL BASIN, Antique Staffordshire Black Transferware Biscuit Jar Crock Late 18th Century, Antique C & B George Skey Jar Crock Wilnecote Tamworth England late 1800s, late 1800s early 1900s AMPHORA AUSTRIA FOUR HANDLED VASE, SEVRES M. DEMONCEAUX Important Signed Porcelain Urn Lamp Late 19th Century, LATE 1800s WEDGWOOD HP FINE BONE CHINA PORCELAIN OCTAGON PLATE IMARI STYLE, Royal Beehive Vienna Demitasse Miniature Cup & Saucer Late 1800's VERY FINE MINT, Antique Weir Stoneware Fruit Canning Jar w Bale lid – Dated Late 1880’s, Antique Late 19th Century Set of 4 Matching Oyster Plates Mark and Gutherz , WONDERFUL PAIR PAINTED PARIS PORCELAIN PLANTERS LATE 19TH EARLY 20TH CENTURY, Late 18th C German Porcelain Figurine 2 Piece Coupe Playing Chess RARE, Vintage Collingwoods Bone China Cream and Sugar England, late 1930s , Plate, Pratt Creamware Pearlware Leeds, Late 18Th Early 19Th Century., Lancaster Valley, stoneware preserve jar, antique. late 19th c. VG condition, Late XIXth Pair Encaustic tile Art Nouveau period. 1890, VICTORIAN BISQUE PORCELAIN FIGURE OF A YOUNG WOMAN LATE 19TH CENTURY, Late 19th Century Porcelain Couple Man & Woman On Base Handpainted Marked 1297, LATE 18th CENTURY BLACK BASALT WARE TEAPOT W CLASSICAL SCENES, Late XIXth Encaustic tile Art Nouveau period. Belgium. , CHARMING late 1700s ENGLISH SOFT PASTE PORCELAIN TEAPOT w COLORFUL FLOWER DESIGN