Cider Pitcher

To pay out your online shopping, only use a credit card so you can instantly call your banking institution and submit a complaint when the merchandise you ordered and covered for never have arrived at your own house. Computer shows are good sources of good deals.  Bargains or deals are plentiful especially on the final day, when dealers want to sell items rather than pack them up again. There are some dealers who approve cash on delivery or CODs as payment, but it is not advisable that you pay out ahead of time by means of cheque or cash on delivery because of the probability of getting ripped off.

Last minute deals

WG Co Limoges France HP Grapes Signed N.H. Cider Lemonade Pitcher Monogram S, Early 20th c. Faux Bois Barrel Cider Pitcher Jug Japan, Antique Limoges France Jean Pouyat Hand Painted Berries Lemonade Cider Pitcher , Limoges France W.G & Co. Cider Pitcher Berries & Branchs Late 19th Century, RARE ANTIQUE D & Co.FRANCE LIMOGES LEFT HANDED CREAM GOLD CIDER PITCHER CUPS, Rare Antique Art Deco Royal Bavarian Hand Painted Porcelain Cider Jug Barger , LEMONADE CIDER OWEN MINERVA ANTIQUE PITCHER 6 GLASSES HANDPAINTED YELLOW ROSES, Antique VIGNAUD LIMOGES Cider Pitcher, Vintage Red Apples, Green Leaves, Signed, RARE CIDER PITCHER by Z.S.&Co. BAVARIA HAND DECORATED WITH PINK ROSES FABULOUS, Nippon Hand Painted Cider Set c.1900 10, Antique Limoges Cider Pitcher & 6 Goblets c.1910 1915, L218, ANTIQUE & RARE LENOX BELLEEK PITCHER JUG GRAPES VINES LEAVES CIDER LEMONADE , Antique Bavaria Cider Pitcher Hand Painted , Rare B&C LIMOGES FRANCE LEMONADE CIDER PITCHER HPT Signed , W.A. Pickard: Bordure Antique Hand Decorated Antique Cider Pitcher, Antique German Hand Painted Porcelain Cider Pitcher c.1880 1920, p176, Gorgeous Antique 1909 BELLEEK VEW CIDER PITCHER Seabirds, Terns, Seagulls, ANTIQUE PORCELAIN HAND PAINTED LEMONADE CIDER PITCHER APPLES LIMOGES BELLEEK?, Antique Limoges France Jean Pouyat Hand Painted Berries Lemonade Cider Pitcher , Antique Vintage Collectible Hand Painted Porcelain CIDER Lemonade PITCHER Floral, Antique JEAN POUYAT LIMOGES Cider Pitcher JPL France Handpainted ROSES , Bavaria porcelain hand painted and signed CIDER pitcher green, guilded handle, Hand Painted Cider Pitcher Made by Sterling Porcelain Co.1880 w 5 Tumblers, Antique Hand Painted CIDER PITCHER w Morning Glory Flowers Gold Rim Bump Handle, antique pitcher, Lemonade Cider w hand painted grapes. circa 1915 signed piece, Vintage Royal Bavaria Signed Vineyard Gold Trim Cider Jug Pitcher Hand Painted, JP LIMOGES FRANCE LEMONADE CIDER PITCHER HPT Signed