Early 19th Century

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Early 19th Century English Bone China Coffee Cup Coalport or Worcester?, Antique Early 19th century Chamberlains Worcester Porcelain Shell Dessert Dish, Royal Dux Duck Late 19th early 20th Century Beautiful, beautiful early 19th century antique english tile gold gilt frame staffordshire, PAIR EARLY 19th CENTURY ENGLISH JASPERWARE PLANTER POT & STAND, Large Antique porcelain vase Vienna late 19 th early 20 th century 60 cm 23 , Antique Early 19th century New Hall Porcelain Slop Bowl Gold & White Gilt 1810, English vintage quartered ceramic tile, late 19th or early 20th century, Very Rare Late 19th Century Early 20th Century Garland Brand Fruit Butter Crock, 3 black basalt creamers a cup, some repairs, late 18th early 19th centuries, EARLY 19TH CENTURY ENGLISH PEARLWARE PINK LUSTER HOUSE pattern CHILDREN'S MUG, VINTAGE ANTIQUE BLUE STICK SPATTER CUP & SAUCER EARLY TO MID 19TH CENTURY, Trio of Early 19th Century Coffee Cups or Cans One by Derby, Fabulous Early 19th Century Imari Pattern 11 Crown Derby Two Handled Urn Vase, ANTIQUE ENGLISH TEA CUP AND SAUCER EARLY TO MID 19th CENTURY H.P. PINK ROSES, EARLY 19TH CENTURY COALPORT PORCELAIN COVERED SUGAR BOWL BOX pattern 664, 2 black basalt teapots ,Jackfield, Riley ?, good shape, early 19th century, Rare Early 19th Century Charming English Creamware Jug , Antique French Early 19th Century Pair of Nast Porcelain Dishes ca.1800 Paris, Rare Late 18th Early 19th Century English Staffordshire Creamware Toby Pitcher , 3 black basalt sugars, 2 with lids, Birch, late 18th early 19th centuries, Rare Antique Early Spode 1166 Pattern Cylindrical Vase Early 19th Century, WONDERFUL PAIR PAINTED PARIS PORCELAIN PLANTERS LATE 19TH EARLY 20T, Fabulous Pr Early 19th Century Imari Pattern 9 Crown Derby Two Handled Urn Vase, Antique Cup and Saucer Asian Oriental style English early 19th century, Early American Glazed Stoneware Slip Blue Decorated Pitcher Crock 19th Century, 19TH EARLY 20TH CENTURY HAND PAINTED IMARI TEACUP & SAUCER, EARLY 19TH CENTURY ANTIQUE REDWARE MANGANESE BOWL DECORATED LEAD GLAZE SE PA, ROYAL DUX DUCK PLANTER LATE 19TH CENTURY EARLY 20TH CENTURY CZECH, Antique Early 19th century Creamware Staffordshire Copper Luster Jug Shells , Derby Cup And Saucer Late 18th Early 19th Century, Plate, Pratt Creamware Pearlware Leeds, Late 18Th Early 19Th Century., Rare early 19th century antique French Sevres porcelain inkwell, ,4 black basalt teapots ,one signed, repairs late 18th early 19th centuries, Early Staffordshire Creamware Rouge Jar 19th Century Compass Rose, Antique Early 19th Century English Pearlware Strawberry Tea Service 16 Piece Set, EARLY 19TH CENTURY ENGLISH PEARLWARE PINK LUSTER HOUSE pattern CHILDS MUG , Antique early 19th century Dutch Delft Polychrome Tile Soldier Delftware , EARLY 19TH CENTURY HANDLED PORCELAIN POLYCHROME DESSERT DISH possibly SPODE, Leeds Mochaware spill holder vase early 19th century, Rare 19th century soccer football tile Early football ceramic, 19th to early 20th century Antique Warwick Chamber Pot with Lid gold trim