Fine Antique 19th

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19th c fine porcelain CUP, no saucer, English, Moss Rose, Bluebells, gilt, , Faience Round Fine Platter Portuguese 19th Century Art Folk Blue Flowers Rare, Very Fine English Pottery Character Head Pitcher ca. 19th c., FINE ANTIQUE GERMAN MEISSEN PORCELAIN FIGURE GIRL FLOWERS ROSES 19TH, Fine Antique 19th Century French Faïence Box, Fine Pair Large Antique Early 19th C. German Statues Priced to Sell Estate Find , FINE ANTIQUE GERMAN MEISSEN PORCELAIN FIGURE GIRL BASKET WITH GRAPES 19TH, OLD Antique MINTON English Fine Art POTTERY China Ceramic Majolica 19th Century, Fine Antique Pair of Lerosey Porcelain 19th century French Compotes, Pexonne French Fine Faience 2 Color Napoleon Military Plate 19th c, FINE ANTIQUE FRENCH SAMSON IZNIK STYLE PORCELAIN VASE 19TH CENTURY HAND PAINTED, FINE 19th Century Sevres Porcelain Urn Gilt Bronze Lady Face Mounts 15 tall, Fine 19th Century French Hand Painted Porcelain Planter, Fine 19th Century German Hand Painted Porcelain Plaque, Fine 19th Century German Hand Painted Porcelain Plaque, Fine 19th Century French Enamel & Porcelain Vase, Fine 19th Century Chinese Rose Medallion Porcelain Bowl, Fine Antique Ulysse Blois French Faience Late 19th Century Tray, Choisy Le Roi Hautin Boulenger Faience Fine Charger late 19th c. 11in. dia , VERY FINE 19TH CENTURY SEVRES CUP AND SAUCER, Fine 19th Century Antique Chinese Porcelain Ginger Jar, Fine 19th C. French Empire Malachite & Gilt Bronze Urns c. 1870 antique vases, Fine Italian Savona Delft Jug Cupido 19th C. Marked, Fine 8 Antique 19th C. Hand Painted German Painting on Porcelain c. 1850, FOX AND HOUND VASES 2 vases 19TH c. FINE PORCELAIN SPILL VASES AWESOME , Fine Historical Blue Double Eagle Handle Sugar Box 1st quarter 19th c, Fine Old Paris Porcelain Bronze Mounted Charger Plate 19th Ct France Centerpiece, A Fine BERNARD BLOCH & Co. Ceramic Neoclassical Vase Urn Late 19th, Fine 19th C. Venetian Italian Micromosaic Miniature Chair c. 1880 Exc Cdn, FINE ANTIQUE GERMAN MEISSEN PORCELAIN FIGURE YOUNG BOY EATING GRAPES 19TH, LARGE AND FINE MAJOLICA FIGURE OF A FISHERMAN LATE 19TH CENTURY, A Fine Antique French Paris Porcelain Tray. 19th Century. Birds , Fine old French France Limoges Round Pink Floral Decor Lidded Box ca. 19th c., Antique KPM Fine Porislan Ovel Bowl Pink Rose Garlands 19th C. Victorain Germany, Fine Pair of 19th Century French Sevres Porcelain Urns, Pexonne Faience Fine Two Color Napoleon Military Plate 8 1 8 19th c, Fine 19th C. German Porcelain Painting of Girl w Sword c. 1880 antique, Fine 19th C. Porcelain Portrait of a Young Italian Girl c. 1880 Easel Stand , Fine Antique Childs Mug & Plate 19th Cent. Enameled Grapes, Fine Meissen Porcelain Exotic Bird & Flowers Inkwell Desk Tray 19th century, Fine 19th C. German Biscuit & Porcelain Statue C.1850's Hyde Park Estate Find, Fine Large 19th C. German Statue Pretty Young Girl C.1860's Great Collectible, Fine Antique Hand Painted German Porcelain Plaque, Madonna and Child, 19th Cent., Fine antique 19th century Chinese ginger jar and cover w wood stand, Antique Fine Porislan Germany Two Bowl Pink Rose Garlands 19th C. Victorain KPM