French Porcelain Figurines

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Vintage French Porcelain Tailor Man Riding Goat Figurine Orange Crown Hallmark, Figurine Fox Wildlife French Style Porcelain Enamels Ceramic, 1880,s Antique Sevres French Hand Painted Porcelain Solid Bronze Candleholders, FRENCH LIMOGES PLATES, 2, autumn harvest France, Haviland, porcelain, Old Paris Jacob Petit French Porcelain Pair of Figures 19th c very rare, Antique French Colonial Bisque Porcelain Figurines Courting Couples Dogs Roses, Antique Pair Classic French Porcelain 6 1 4 Figurines Made in Occupied Japan, WONDERFUL PARIAN OR BISQUE PORCELAIN FRENCH OR SEVRES STYLE CHILD BUST FIGURINE, Antique French Bisque Porcelain Boy Figure Figurine w Baskets, c.1900, 10 tall, RARE ANTIQUE GERMAN OR FRENCH PORCELAIN HALF DOLL FIGURE FASHION BOUDOIR BEAUTY, PORCELAIN FIGURINE OF LOUIE 14TH STYLE LIFE ANTIQUE FRENCH SAMSON , Antique 12 1 2 French ? Porcelain Figurines. marked OO ., Sevres 19C French 20 H Hand Painted On Porcelain Urn MAGNIFICENT , Egg cup Figurine Cock Bird Wildlife French Style Porcelain Crackleware Ceramic, RARE Pair of FRENCH PAINTED PORCELAIN ART DECO POTPOURRI HOLDER DUCHAUSSY 1931, Big Antique Old Paris French Porcelain Figure w HC Mark 14.5 NR, HUGE Antique SAMSON FRENCH BISQUE Porcelain NUDE NYMPH Figurine PARIAN Edme, Pair of 18th Century Porcelain Cherub Figurine and French Bronze Candleholders, LARGE ANTIQUE FRENCH GERMAN BISQUE PORCELAIN FIGURINE, AMAZING ANTIQUE FRENCH PARIS PORCELAIN FIGURE HALF DOLL MARIE ANTOINETTE, Very Nice 3 Pc Porcelain Lot Staffordshire Figurine Pastille Burners French, Pair French Art Deco Henri Delcourt Porcelain Pierrot Pierrette Powder Shakers, Antique French Paris Sampson Porcelain Figure of a Lady Entertainer , Vintage French Porcelain Figurine “Boy with Rooster” , Mustard pot Figurine Bellhop French Style Porcelain Enamels Ceramic, dresden? german? french? porcelain plaque wall decoration biscuit, IN THE STYLE OF JACOB PETIT SULTAN AND SULTANA PERFUME BOTTLES FRENCH PORCELAIN, FRENCH LIMOGES PLATE, pink flowers, france Havilland Europe china porcelain , Antique Choisy Le Roi French Porcelain Dresden Meissen Syle Figurine Figural, Perfection in Old French Porcelain Pair in Court Attire, Antique Choisy Le Roi French Porcelain Dresden Meissen Style Group Figurine, BEAUTIFUL VINTAGE CHIC HP PORCELAIN LACE FRENCH COLONIAL COUPLE FIGURINES SHABBY, Vintage French Porcelain Woman & Babies Riding Goat Figurine With Crown Hallmark, Superb French Art Nouveau Porcelain Figurine Circa 1900, Antique Samson Old Paris French Porcelain Group Figurine Figural, ANTIQUE FRENCH PARIS PAIR PORCELAIN FIGURES PERFUME BOTTLES , Antique Courtesan Gambler Figurine Samson Old Paris French Porcelain Figure , French Antique Framed Porcelain High Relief 3D Victorian Cherub Wall Art, antique porcelain figurines : Very old French couple wit old marks