French Porcelain Figurines

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Rare ANTIQUE FRENCH BISQUE PORCELAIN STATUE MAN, Antique Porcelain Male Man European French Holding A flower Figurine Nice 7 3 4 , EARLY FRENCH OR GERMAN GAINSBOROUGH'S BLUE BOY PORCELAIN FIGURINE HERALDIC CREST, VTG CORDEY PORCELAIN CYBIS FRENCH COUPLE LACE LOUIS XVI PERIOD LG 14 FIGURINES, RARE Pair of FRENCH PAINTED PORCELAIN ART DECO POTPOURRI HOLDER DUCHAUSSY 1931, ANTIQUE FRENCH PORCELAIN RUE FONTAINE AU ROI PAIR OF BIRDS , Antique Signed French Porcelain Bisque 11 Hiking Boy Figurine, French Old Paris Porcelain Bisque Ice Skater Check Out His Old Fashioned Skates , RARE ANTIQUE GERMAN OR FRENCH PORCELAIN HALF DOLL FIGURE FASHION BOUDOIR BEAUTY, 19th century French porcelain figurine Samson , Antique French France Samson Porcelain Madonna Angelic Lady Figurine Figure, Antique Porcelain Bisque Statue of French 18th Century Gentleman VGUC 12 , OCCUPIED JAPAN Porcelain FRENCH COLONIAL LADY Cobalt Blue & White HANDPAINTED , 1900 Antique Achille Bloch Porcelain de Paris French Porcelain Figures , Porcelain Ceramic Statue French Figural Boy in Blue w Flute old PARIS St.Cloud, Antique Pair of French Porcelain Bisque 12 Tall Girl & Boy Figurines, French Royal Court Male Aristocratic porcelain figurine made in occupied Japan, Vintage French Porcelain Parrot Can Bird, WONDERFUL ROMANTIC LOVERS COUPLE FRENCH STYLE MUSICAL PORCELAIN CABINET FIGURINE, Antique German Porcelain French Figurine Woman Girl Victorian Figure Statue Art, PAIR OF FRENCH DELARUE BISCUIT PORCELAIN GROUP, CA 1780'S, Antique Porcelain Man European French Holding A Violin Figurine Nice 7 1 8 Japan, c1890s French Clown Art Deco Pierrot Bookends Wonderful Antique German Porcelain, Large German French Porcelain Bisque Boy Girl Figurine Figure, Vintage French Porcelain Friguine, PAIR ANTIQUE FRENCH VIEUX PARIS PORCELAIN FIGURAL PERFUME BOTTLES, Antique Bourdoir & Bloch French Old Paris Porcelain Figurine Figural, VINTAGE PORCELAIN FRENCH WOMAN FIGURE STATUE, French Antique Framed Porcelain High Relief 3D Victorian Cherub Wall Art, Antique Porcelain European French Male Figurine French Garment, LOVELY RARE SAMSON FRENCH PORCELAIN HAND PAINTED FLORALS FIGURAL FLOWER FROG, Antique Bourdoir & Bloch French Old Paris Porcelain Figurine Figural, ANTIQUE PORCELAIN STATUE GENERAL EXELMANS FRENCH REVOLUTION NAPOLEON, Antique Pair of 18 Tall French Porcelain Figurines Signed Colbert with Birds, German Porcelain French Queen Half Doll Bust Lady Powder Vanity Box Figurine, 1900 Pair of Dwarfs Antique Porcelain de Paris French Porcelain Figures , French Porcelain Figurine Vintage Aristocrat 18th C. Costume Signed Ilegible, Two Vintage French Porcelain Dancing Figurine Lamps, EARLY FRENCH OR GERMAN DUCHESS OF DEVONSHIRE PORCELAIN FIGURINE HERALDIC CREST