Limoges Cabinet Plate

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Antique Hand Painted Limoges Pansy Cabinet Plate c.1900, L277, WONDERFUL AVENIR LIMOGES FRANCE RETICULATED HAND PAINTED GOLD CABINET WALL PLATE, LIMOGES L.R.L. Lazeyras Rosenfeld Lehman Cabinet Display Plate Quail Green Brown, SUPERB LIMOGES A& K LARGE EARLY HAND PAINTED FRUITS CHERRIES CABINET WALL PLATE, Antique Limoges Borgfeldt Coronet 9.5 Roses Cabinet Plate signed by Balleroy, 5 antique HAVILAND LIMOGES HAND PAINTED CABINET PLATES 1868 1881 backstamp, ANTIQUE LIMOGES CABINET PLATE,CHARGER HAND PAINTED VICTORIAN WOMAN AMAZING , BEAUTIFUL DELINIERES LIMOGES CABINET PLATE c.1891 1900, L93, ANTIQUE CABINET PLATE LIMOGES HAND PAINTED FRANCE ITALY SCENIC SIGNED , Rare French Limoges Porcelain Portrait Cabinet Plate Princess de Lamballe SIGNED, Portrait Cabinet Plate White Gold Sterling China Liverpool OH Ohio Limoges, 3 LOVELY ELITE WORKS LIMOGES FLORAL CABINET PLATE, ANTIQUE LIMOGES CABINET PLATE 12 CHARGER HAND PAINTED WILD ROSES w GILT FRANCE, Antique Handpainted Limoges Cabinet Fish Plate Signed ROCHE c1890 1910, p14, Antique Hand Painted French Limoges Artist Signed Game Bird Cabinet Wall Plate, RARE C1890'S HAND PAINTED LIMOGES CABINET PLATE W MOOSE & DOGWOOD FLOWERS, LOV HAVILAND LIMOGES LAVENDER BLUE FLORAL CABINET PLATE, Antique Limoges Charles Ahrenfeldt 10 Cabinet Plate w Pink Ruby Poppies, ANTIQUE CABINET PLATE LIMOGES HAND PAINTED FRANCE VILLAGE BOY GIRL SIGNED, Vintage LIMOGES CORONET Small 7 3 4 CHINA Cabinet WALL Display PLATE Tulips, ANTIQUE LIMOGES FRANCE GILT AND PAINT DECORATED PORCELAIN CABINET PLATE, 8 1 4 Antique Cabinet Plate w Blue Flowers & Gold Limoges France, Antique Hand Painted Limoges Poppy Flowers Cabinet Plate c.1891 1900, L161, Antique Limoge Dessert Cabinet Plate Purple Voilets Scolloped Gold Trim , Antique ELITE Limoges cabinet plate hand painted portrait PAULINE BONAPARTE, WONDERFUL LIMOGES FRANCE ROMANTIC BEAUTY PORTRAIT TABLE CABINET PLATE WITH STAND, C.Ahrenfeldt Limoges Set of 12 Signed Antique Blue & Gold Cabinet Plates, Antique French Limoges Hand Painted Cabinet Plate by Known Limoges Artist, L245, Antique Lanternier Limoges Cabinet Plate c.1891 early 1900's Signed, L57, 46 G.D. & A limoges cabinet plate circa 1900 1941., Antique Hand Painted Gold Encrusted Limoges Cabinet Plate c.1887 1904, L170, ANTIQUE LIMOGES FLAMBEAU LDBC HAND PAINTED PEACHES CABINET PLATE ARTIST SIGNED, UNUSUAL B&H LIMOGES SUMPTUOUS CABINET PLATE TULIPS , Antique C. Ahrenfeldt Limoges Pink & Gold Cabinet Plate, p77, Antique Art Nouveau French Limoges Lady in Gold Cabinet Plate c1890 1910, L253, RARE ANCIENT SCENES LIMOGES GRISAILLE CABINET PLATE FOR TIFFANY AND CO. NEW YORK, Antique Victorian Pair Limoges Hand Painted Cabinet Ladys Oyster Plates c.1890's, Antique Hand Painted Limoges Poppies Cabinet Plate Signed by DUMAS c1908, L182, 435 J P , Jean Pouyat limoges hand painted cabinet plate circa 1891 1932, Antique Hand Painted by Known Limoges Artist Gold & Roses Cabinet Plate c1892, WONDERFUL PAIR OF NAPOLEON JOSEPHINE FRENCH LIMOGES CABINET PLATES WITH STANDS