Stoneware Butter Crock

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ANTIQUE STONEWARE BUTTER CHURN W INDIAN HEAD STAMP TWO GALLON POTTERY CROCK , Vintage F.H. Cowden Stoneware Crock Apple Butter Harrisburg PA VGC Grays Tans, Vintage stoneware butter cheese crocks with lid & rubber wire bail, lot of 3, Vintage Spirit Of '76 Cheese Butter Crock w Wire Closure Stoneware Drum Fife , Vintage Brown Crock With Locking Lid Seal Stoneware Pottery Honey Butter, UNUSUAL SHAPE ANTIQUE STONEWARE CROCK OLD ORIGINAL 8 1 2 X 7 BUTTER ? CHEESE, Vintage Hand Thrown Pottery Crock Stoneware Jar Butter Cheese Jam Bale Wire Lid, 4 Dark Brown Stoneware Cheese Butter Honey Crock Jar w Metal Bail Locking Lid , BROWN STONEWARE BUTTER CHEESE CROCK 4 1 2 LOCKING LID SEAL WIRE BAIL , Vintage small brown stoneware butter cheese crock with lid & wire bail, small 1 quart antique vintage stoneware butter crock , Primitive Brown Tan Stoneware Pottery Butter Crock Jar Pot Vintage Antique Ridge, Small Stoneware Pottery Cheese Butter Crock Jar Canister Wire Bale Latch B888 , Antique Western Stoneware 6 Gallon Butter Churn Simply Must See , ANITQUE VINTAGE RUCKEL'S STONE WARE BUTTER CHURN CROCK 2 GALLON, Vintage Medium Size Glazed Stoneware Salt Butter Crock, ANTIQUE PRIMATIVE RUCKEL'S STONEWARE POTTERY 2 GAL. CROCK BUTTER CHURN, Crock Water Jug Butter Churn Ceramic Crown 2 Pot Vintage Antique Stone Ware , ANTIQUE VINTAGE STONEWARE BUTTER CROCK & RIBBED WOOD BUTTER PADDLE, 4 Dark Brown Stoneware Cheese Butter Honey Crock Jar w Metal Bail Locking Lid, Blue Glazed 4 X 3 3 4 Butter Cheese Mold Stoneware Pottery Crock, ANTIQUE STONEWARE CROCK BUTTER CHURN 2 GALLON MARSHALL POTTERY TEXAS W LID BLUE, 4 Dark Brown Stoneware Cheese Butter Honey Crock Jar w Metal Bail Locking Lid, VINTAGE STONEWARE CHEESE BUTTER CROCK COMPLIMENTS OF FRANK CHRISTOPHER ALBANY WI, VINTAGE STONEWARE BUTTER CHURN CROCK POTTERY BROWN 8 x 14h, Fabulous Antique Apple Butter Stoneware Crock With Labels , Antique Blue Stoneware Butter Keeper with Wire Wood Handle, Antique 4 Gallon Stoneware Butter Churn Large size, Burley Winter Small Blue Pottery Crooksville OH Butter Stoneware Crock w Lid , Stoneware Butter Cheese Crock Blue Sponge Pattern 4 Locking Lid , Vintage Large Brown Glaze Stoneware Butter Cheese Crock with Lid , GEORGIA or Alabama brown glaze drip Butter Churn pottery stoneware 7.5inch crock, Vintage stoneware butter cheese crocks with lid & wire bail, lot of 3, VINTAGE SMALL GLAZED WHITE CREAM COLOR 3 BUTTER STONEWARE CROCK , Small Crock or Stoneware Butter Crock, VINTAGE STONEWARE MAILI 5 BUTTER CHURN CROCK W LID & DASHER 17 Tall, 4 Blue Stoneware Cheese Butter Honey Crock Jar w Metal Bail Locking Lid, ANTIQUE COUNTRY PRIMITIVE LARGE STONEWARE BUTTER CREAM DAIRY FARM CHURN CROCK , Antique Medium Blue Stoneware Butter Crock 4 H x 6.25 D Curved Inner Bottom, Antique Stoneware Butter Churn Daisy Design Mid Size, Antique, Stoneware Butter Cheese Crock, Unmarked, Hairline Crack