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M.Z. Austria Porcelian Vanity Tray Hand Painted, Marked, No. and Signed., c1890's Vanity T&V Limoges France EDR Painted Lavender Asters Ornate Powder Jar, Antique Asian Flow Blue Victorian Hair Dresser Jar Vanity VHTF Mint 19th century, VTG Pink Candy Dish RARE Mid Century Porcelain Roses Gold Trinket Vanity 2 Avail, ANTIQUE OG GERMANY PORCELAIN ROSES VANITY JAR, Vintage Flowered Porcelain Vanity Jar Hair Saver, SM. VANITY COVERED DISH WHITE CHINA WITH A ROSE ON THE LID, SCALLOPED EDGES , ANTIQUE 1930's Vanity APOTHECARY PINK SWAN PLANTER Figurine VASE Elegant, Vintage Antique 1896 E E Albrecht CFH GDM France Ceramic Vanity Tray, ANTIQUE PORCELAIN DISH DOUBLE SERVER CANDY SNACK VANITY TRAY GOLDGILT CIRCA 1900, Vtg Antique ORANGE Bathing Beauty Vanity Pin Tray Jewelry Dish 4027 Germany, ANTIQUE M Z AUSTRIA HAND PAINTED FOOTED HAIR RECEIVER FLOWERS VANITY ROSES, SALE Vtg Antique GREEN Bathing Beauty Vanity Pin Tray Jewelry Dish JAPAN, Vtg Antique ORANGE Bathing Beauty Vanity Pin Tray Jewelry Dish 4090 Germany, 19th century old Paris porcelain apothecary or vanity jars with lids, Vintage Vanity Box, VINTAGE CHIC POPPIES PORCELAIN VANITY TRAY PLATE SHABBY, Antique FRENCH PORCELAIN LADY PORTRAIT VANITY TRAY Footed Metal Repousse, Vtg Antique BLUE Bathing Beauty Vanity Pin Tray Jewelry Dish Germany, Vintage Grosvenor Bone China Saucer 'Vanity' Light Yellow Floral, Porcelain Antique Lidded Box Soft Pink Flowers Dresser Vanity Old Staple Repair, Vintage Double Server Candy Snack Dish Vanity Tray Birds Pink Flowers Asian, VINTAGE JAPAN CHIC FRENCH POODLE CART VASES PAIR SHABBY VANITY PARIS APT RARE, VTG Pair Pink Lady Dresser Dolls 7 Porcelain Vanity Powder Box Marked Japan, VINTAGE PALL MALL CHINA RED ROSES ENGLISH BONE CHINA VANITY DRESSER PIN TRAY, Antique Victorian Decorative Painted Porcelain Vanity Jars Romantic Ladies Baby, ANTIQUE Vintage Porcelain GINGER JAR TEA JAR Apothecary Jar VASE Vanity, CHIC VINTAGE PINK FRENCH POODLE DOG FLOWERS VASE VANITY JAR SHABBY PARIS APT , 40s CHIC PINK RHINESTONE VANITY SWAN DISH SHABBY ROSES, ANTIQUE FRENCH LIMOGES VANITY, PIN TRAY, HANDPAINTED, CHIC BASKETWEAVE ROSE VANITY POWDER DISH SHABBY JAPAN VINTAGE COTTAGE, Antique Porcelain Belgian Imperiale Nimy Fabrication Belge vanity comb estate, Antique Schmidt & Co Victoria Austria Angelica Kauffmann Vanity Tray 1891 1918, HP NIPPON CHIC HAIR RECEIVER SHABBY VTG VANITY FLORAL COTTAGE, VINTAGE HAND PAINTED PORCELAIN TRINKET VANITY DRESSER BOX, ROSES SIGNED 1971, WONDERFUL LARGE VANITY OR SERVING PORCELAIN TRAY DONE IN GREEN WHITE AND FLOWERS, VINTAGE GERMAN CHILD PIERRETTE HALF DOLL 5 1 2 VANITY BRUSH EMBOSSED 4390 EXC, ANTIQUE DETAILED WEDGWOOD MIRROR AND BRUSH VANITY DRESSER SET bisque porcelain, Antique Victorian Porcelain Covered Vanity Jar Rose Sprays & Embossed Leaves , Vintage Victorian GERMANY Leaf Footed Vanity Pin Trinket Candy NUT DISH Stunning, SUPERB FRENCH SEVRES STYLE CABINET VANITY ROCOCO FOOTED PORCELAIN GOLD WORK BOX, Vintage to Antique German Porcelain trinket, vanity, jewelry BOX hinged lid old